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The Heath Centre
Daws Heath Road
Thundersley, Essex


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The Heath Centre

Conditions of Letting

  1. The cancellation fee is as follows;
    • Notification of 7 working days or less running up to the booking date will result in full payment, inclusive of VAT and any pre-booked menu choices being charged.
  1. The Company does not accept any responsibility or liability in respect of loss or damage to any property brought to the premises by or on behalf of the hirer, his servants, agents or persons authorised by him to visit the premises. Appropriate insurance cover should be obtained by the hirer.
  1. The hirer shall accept responsibility indemnifying the Company against all claims;
    • For loss or damage to the premises and their contents occupied or used during the period of the hire where such loss or damage is caused by or occurs as a result of any actions or omissions of the hirer, servants, contractors agents or any third party.
    • Made by or against the hirer, his servants, contractors, agents or licensees arising from loss or damage to property or bodily injury to the hirer, servants, contractors, agents or any third party.
  1. The Company does not accept any responsibility for any claims for consequential loss suffered by the hirer, its servants, agents, contractors or licensees following cancellation or abandonment of the event.
  1. The organisers of conferences and courses will themselves be responsible to the Company for making good damage which may be done to the premises, furniture or other property (except fire) consequent upon the use of Company premises by persons attending such conferences or courses.
  1. Company premises must not be used for advertising purposes unless by prior permission.
  1. The Centre sets the menus with great care ensuring that we offer a range of food that can be carefully chosen by the Hirer taking account of any delegate with an allergy. The Centre reserves the right to substitute any part of the menu, which is affected by seasonal availability of the ingredients. It is the hirers’ responsibility to choose menus suitable for the needs of each of their delegates.
  1. Our account terms are strictly payment within 30 days.
  1. All visitors MUST sign in the visitors’ book upon arrival, wear a visitors badge whilst on the premises and sign out of the visitors’ book upon departure.